Mi Jung Penzien


"My art is an expression of my essence. It is a process of putting my own mystical, and unknowable spirit/soul - into physical form."

Following graduation at Hong Ik University with a Bachelor's in Art History, Mi Jung was named Assistant Curator at The National Museum of Modern Art in her native Seoul, Korea. After immigrating to the United States, She received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts at the California College of the Arts. Mi Jung has shown her work in various group and solo exhibitions across the United States.

There is a unity in her work both in content and method. Transformed figures, idols, pictographs, earthenware are filled in colors, lines and spaces mingling with mythical stories of birds, fishes, flowers, scenery ... which are hided. Art of Western painting, which consists of layering colors, scratching and erasing is all in harmony with characteristic features of Oriental painting, such as spreading, abbreviating, spacing. In addition, her paintings' surface is often formed by interaction of wateriness of ink and oiliness of oil paints.

Though Mi Jung's work is categorized as Abstract, there is a traditional spirit woven throughout each piece the holds both an enduring timelessness and a feeling of contemporary sentiment that lives in the moment.

"As a result of a completely intuitive art-making process, my art challenges the viewer to reflect on the relationship of our shared and common human experience and the very nature of our Authentic Self; PRIMAL, EARTHY, SACRED."


"I visualize my jewelry as wearable art. I like to create pieces that are not defined by tradition or boundaries, to free our minds and connect our hearts.

The process of creation, from conception to completion, is intimate and meditative. I love the act of making. Each material has its own life... each form and shape has its own passion. Creation is a constant dialogue. A process of discovery. An uncovering of the subconscious.

I aim for simplicity. Personality emerges most powerfully from the simplest elements.

While each piece carries my voice, there is a connection to all humanity. To all life. To the unknown.

Jewelry is nothing if not a great reminder. Or, an escape. Beauty in life is being able to enjoy what draws us in. To adorn, also to express who we are".

Mi Jung is a graduate jewelry designer from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and her work has been exhibited in numerous international trade shows, national jewelry design shows, as well as juried art and craft shows.